Sphynx kitten for sale UK

My name is Ana and my My sphynx cats cattery is in sunny Bournemouth in United Kingdom. I say cattery but all my sphynxses do live in my home and they are pets for most and not just breeders.

I have always had cats as pets from being a small child . My sphynx are my passion in life !!! I am a devoted and dedicated sphynx owner and breeder.

It came as no surprise to my family when I decided that the sphynx was the breed for me , I have had different breeds of cats over the years, but I have never known a breed of cat like the sphynx cat. The sphynx cat is extremely intelligent with very individual personality, that love people and need to be with people, they are such an amazing breed, and are very much as described as part child, part monkey part dog.

I have spent a lot of time carefully researching the breed and collecting information of breeding lines and looking at correct type for the the breed, before I started my breeding program. Itís very important to start with healthy lines, correct conformation, keeping true to the breed type and having a excellent temperament. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy confident sphynx kittens. This makes my breeding program of the sphynx kittens very interesting and challenging but very rewarding as well.

I love what I do this is just not just a hobby or just a way of making money.Sphynx kittens and sphynx cats are my life and to breed sphynx takes true dedication, Sphynx cats are the most loving and affectionate and rewarding animals I have ever known. Sphynx cats are gentle and sweet, very social and easily accept other animals.

I put 110% in to my sphynxses .They receive the very best of every thing, there well being and happiness is very important to me, they have the best of every thing including veterinary care and are fed the best premium food.

I am very fortunate as My family and friends love sphynx cats and help out as and when needed. We strive to do the very best we can and work together. Which makes my journey very exciting and rewarding.

I put my heart and my soul into my sphynx kittens, so when my kittens leave me they are ready for there new homes, they are very happy,healthy, confident and sociable kittens, they will have all the correct paper work, used to living in a home, litter trained, used to being bathed, nail clipped and fully vaccinated, you will defiantly receive a well balanced, confident happy baby. There is no expense spared on these babies, they have the very best possible start in life.

Sphynx cats and kittens are a very important part of my life. I will continue my journey with the sphynx and learning new things all the time.

We often have Sphynx kittens available in different colour and sex . If you interested to buy a sphynx kittens from our cattery please visit sphynx kittens page or email us.

Thank you for taking time to visit our sphynx cattery in United Kingdom in England


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